Our Mission

Our mission is to empower each member that joins UCC to excel in a consulting or related career, and specifically propel students through the recruiting process. However, this success isn't limited just to consulting; by strengthening our members' critical thinking and analytical skills, we prepare our members for success in any strategic field. 

Our short-term goal is to provide our members with all of the resources, support, and skills necessary to ace the consulting recruiting process and career. In the long-term, our club will enhance the demand for USC students and improve our university's reputation in the business world.

Intensive Case Preparation

Consulting Club @ USC is the one and only case preparation organization on campus that is specifically geared to propel you into a successful consulting career and job recruitment. Upon joining, members are incorporated into an intensive 11-week program that is designed to prepare members for the case and behavior interviews that are utilized in consulting internship and full-time recruiting. 

Through this program, members receive:

  • 10 guaranteed hours of case-work (the equivalent of 15-20 case interviews)

  • Access to over $700 worth of case books, interview preparation modules, and casing resources

  • Extensive opportunities to practice casing with fellow members and experienced alumni

  • Personalized, one-on-one market sizing, case and behavioral interview preparation and feedback

  • 2 or more member-only information sessions with top consulting companies

  • Network of alumni and alumni panel sessions that have worked in consulting as well as adjacent industries

Joining UCC has not only allowed me to learn so much about consulting, it has also given me a community that I can count on when it comes to recruiting and case preparation. Thank you UCC!
— J, UCC Fall 2016 Class

Lifelong Friendships and Network

UCC is also a platform for you to make friends that will last a lifetime. Check out some of our favorite memories below!

(pictures coming soon)