Below, we've outlined some questions that we are frequently asked about our recruiting process.

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1] What does the process of applying look like?
UCC recruits at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters. The application process begins with two identical information sessions, one of which we strongly encourage potential applicants to attend. After attending an information session, potential members must submit a brief written application along with their resume and cover letter before the deadline. Finally, the last round of the recruitment process would be an in-person behavioral interview with a market sizing/logic component.

2] What are the qualifications to join UCC?
We are looking for students that are passionate about consulting, problem-solving and critical thinking. We accept students from all majors, levels and backgrounds, as long as you are sincerely interested in consulting, and are eager to learn!

3] What are the benefits of joining UCC?
The opportunity to learn about consulting, get intensive case preparation resources and practice time, as well as gain a network of like-minded peers are just some of the many benefits! Come to our information session to find out more!

4] When are UCC meetings? Are they mandatory?
UCC meetings are every Monday from 8-10pm. Yes, they are mandatory to attend, especially since we would be teaching all of our curriculum at the meetings. We also have tons of company info sessions and speakers lined up which would also be held during our meeting times, so it is extremely important that you attend!